Working Papers:

“Negotiation in War: The 19.45% Discount.” (Latest draft here.)

“Negotiation as an Instrument of War.” (Latest draft here.)

“Endogenizing the Costs of Conflict: A Text-Based Application to the Korean War.” (Latest draft here.)

“Reassessing the Informational and Ripeness Theories of War.” (Currently being revised for resubmission at International Organization. Latest draft here.)

“The Effectiveness of Public and Private Threats: A Document-Based Approach.” With Azusa Katagiri. (Being revised for resubmission at the American Political Science Review. Latest draft here.)

“Looking for Trouble: Analyzing Search Engine Data during International Crises.” With Lizhi Liu. (Latest draft here.)

“Identifying Threats: Using Machine Learning in International Relations.” With Azusa Katagiri. (Latest draft here.)

“Taking Responsibility: When and Why Terrorists Claim Credit for Attacks.” (Paper here.)

“Explaining Military Relapse.” 2013. With Jonathan Chu. (Paper here; please do not cite.)


Additional Research:

Eric Min, Manu Singh, Jacob N. Shapiro, and Benjamin Crisman. 2017. “Understanding Risk and Resilience to Violent Conflicts.” Report, Empirical Studies of Conflict Project, Princeton University. (Latest draft here.)



Autocracies of the World, 1950-2012. With Beatriz Magaloni and Jonathan Chu. A regime dataset that classifies all country-years from 1950-2012 by different forms of autocratic rule. Introduces a novel form of measuring personalist rule across all autocracies and makes several corrections to extant regime classification data. (Site with data and codebook here.)